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The Neurosonic story describes the burning desire to help and to heal people more quickly and more comprehensively. Psychotherapist Marco Kärkkäinen wanted to shorten the rehabilitation time span. Psychotherapy involves teaching the client models of thought that help an individual to change their behaviour. Marco observed that various psychophysical symptoms significantly prevented or slowed down the recovery process. This physical stress is like a plug that prevents the emotional learning that facilitates changes.

It was clear to Marco that by influencing the imbalance in the organs and the whole body, the body and brain’s chemistry could be made to work in a more balanced way. A body and brain that are not balanced are ineffective: we may be active and alert when we should be calm, or vice versa. This creates a negative cycle that feeds itself. We sleep poorly, our whole body is tense, we eat because we are tired, we don’t think clearly. We are unable to make decisions even if, in principal, we know what we should do. We spend all our energy on surviving.

“This is why, right from the start, we treated our psychotherapy patients also with physiotherapy methods and vice versa,” Marco explains. “By change I discovered how low-frequency vibration can influence the unconscious nervous system much more effectively than physiotherapy or psychotherapy. I realised that the autonomic activity of our bodies can easily be balanced by vibration, which allows our nervous system to function better and vital functions to become active. The Neurosonic treatment programmes influence either the parasympathetic or sympathetic nervous system, which involuntarily begins to repair the balance of our vital functions.”

At Neurosonic, we have worked on our product development for many years. The low-frequency vibration treatment was put into operation as soon as the first prototype for the treatment recliner was finished. Marco borrowed monitors from a doctor so that the effects of the treatment, for example on oxygen saturation, blood pressure and skin temperature, could be gauged. Other measurements used were ones intended for psychotherapy, such as the anxiety scale and mood tests. He also began to provide treatment for purely physical ailments: pain, swelling, restless legs syndrome, neurological symptoms, athletes’ tired feet and poor stomach function.

The treatment programmes in use now were developed on the basis of more than 8,000 treatments and their measurements, and client feedback. “When I received information that the patent application for the treatment method for stress-related sleeping disorders had been given the green light, my first thought was that this was thanks to all the people who have told me that they have been brought back to life. I had to finish the work, because there were always new clients who found their situations drastically changed for the better because of the treatment.

“Taking charge of your life is not always a matter of willpower. If stress takes over your body, it is very difficult, or at least slow to fix it yourself with the power of your mind. That is why it makes sense to give your body the chance to fix whatever can be fixed. Neurosonic is designed precisely for this purpose.”

Marco Kärkkäinen, Psychotherapist, developer of the Neurosonic method