HEALING HUB by D/DOCK - Amsterdam & Milan | ULSI
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We do something special

Logistics creative agency ULSI understands that special projects ask for specialist knowledge and creative thinking. From transport across the globe to complete project management: ULSI does it all. Because each project requires a particular approach, you understand why ULSI emphasizes the motto “We do something special” again and again.


Amidst the chaos of big creative projects ULSI forms a very experienced logistics contact point. ULSI has a colourful customer base consisting of hotels, interior constructors, interior designers, high society customers and IT hardware suppliers. The special clients ULSI works with appreciate a logistics party that can offer added value. ULSI likes to be a part of the project from the first draft until the delivery of the key and controls all aspects in between. Born out of a group of companies based on moving solutions, like now other ULSI knows how to handle valuables of others. ULSI is a company that provides a unique solution for the entire supply chain. This creative company knows how to carry out the most special design projects with the proper expertise.


Joining forces through partnerships is something ULSI strongly believes. By working together with all concerned parties ULSI keeps the peace and outline for the customer, so that every project runs efficiently and smoothly. Moreover ULSI uses the powerful international network from the Voerman Group, providing global clients with personal, quick and adequate service.